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1. 3 months (13 weeks) : 10% discount = $88

2. 6 months (26 weeks) : 15% discount = $166 + 10% off our products (except our CSA share)


NOTE: If you wish to double your weekly order, the total would be double the amount (88x2=176$)


Baker’s Choice = You get a loaf that is planned for that week, which is often based on our retail stores orders. This means you may receive any of the following: Classic, Rye, Multigrain, Wholewheat, Cheese, Olive, maybe even 2 baguettes! Let’s just say it’s based on the baker’s mood haha But one this is for sure, the bread is always organic and always sourdough! *If you have an intolerance to a specific type, please inform us. *


If you ALWAYS want the same type, please contact us to discuss.

Add-ons: We encourage you to order additional bakery items, like our pastries or granola, but we do ask that the order be sent it online by 4pm on Tuesdays.

Bread Subscription

PriceFrom C$88.00
Excluding GST/HST
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